This one's been floating around for a bit, but I didn't realize how insane it was until I looked at it properly - a YouTube-hosted promotional video for Goku Makaimura, aka upcoming PSP title Ultimate Ghouls 'N Ghosts from Capcom, which plays out like a particularly surreal absinthe dream.

Along with a spectacularly redbearded Japanese guy hanging out his famous underwear and using his lance to turn out the light in his dingy apartment, we then see him switching some of his treasure for money and hanging out in karaoke bars with hostesses, before getting in shape to kick ass as Arthur the Knight - sublime.

If you haven't seen them, actually, the trailers for Ultimate Ghouls 'N Ghosts itself are particularly satisfying - sounds like you'll be getting to play the title if you turn up to the San Diego Comic-Con next week, too - so have at it!