We do occasionally link to articles on sister site Gamasutra when they're of interest to you oiks on GSW, and this one should be - a neeto postmortem of Digital Chocolate's cellphone game Tower Bloxx.

Now, Digital Chocolate is Trip Hawkins' firm, of course, but Tower Bloxx is done by the guys at wholly owned Finnish studio Sumea, and the "Tetris meets Sim City" title looks to be a bit of a slept-on cult hit - it's won plenty of awards, including best-ofs from GameSpot, IGN, and a Mobie Award, but we'd never heard of it til we got pitched the postmortem.

The gameplay, which has one-button gameplay (yay!) in action modes and involves stacking swinging skyscrapers on top of each other, is adorably thought-out, and the final page has a totally great, whimsical graph of what we presume are the rewards/milestones if you manage to build your tower high enough - is that a Douglas Adams reference regarding the highest entity you can reach? Some of us round here hoped so!