Over at FiringSquad, there's an interview about forthcoming PC MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea, and I _love_ it that it starts with an explanation of why pirates are so cool in the first place.

Producer John Tynes explains: "Even in the days of real piracy, the pirate life was attractive to many sailors. Given that navy ships could impress them for years of service, the fact that pirate ships tended to be very democratic was appealing. Journalists and authors soon romanticized them further, conjuring up a life of freedom and adventure." Those darn journalists!

Anyhow, this MMO, which has been in Beta since December but is still fairly low profile, looks pretty darn interesting, and Tynes also illuminates on overcoming development issues of note: "We had to solve a lot of problems: real-time vehicular movement and combat was the biggest. It took us almost two years of constant iteration on those systems before we got to a point where we were happy. The technical issues weren't the biggest hurdles at all -- it was really just finding a way to make naval combat fast and fun without overwhelming the player with complexity." Also, arr harrrr!