At Edge-Online, they've reprinted another of the 'Making Of...' articles from Edge magazine, this one dealing with the first, overhead-view Grand Theft Auto for the PlayStation.

The intro explains the selflessness of the Scot: "Talking to those that worked for DMA Design [now Rockstar North] back in the late ’90s it’s difficult to get anyone to claim significant credit for themselves, although they’re generous with praise for others. Development of Grand Theft Auto, or Race’n’Chase as it was originally known before a clash with a Matchbox slot-car racer forced a change, was collaborative and often tempestuous, and as a consequence it’s extremely difficult to pin down the specific turning points, even for those who were there at the time."

Also notable and well-phrased, from the conclusion: "GTA is often seen as inventing the sandbox genre, but in truth it built upon a strong heritage of arcade and freeform games. Even the game’s trademark carjacking had been seen in Hunter and Mercenary before that. Its unique achievement was to take the best from what had gone before and fuse it together with ambition, skill and incredible attention to detail."