The giganto-uberblog (worship them!) Boing Boing has posted a story on The Tetris Company cracking down on a Mac shareware version of Tetris, and horror scandal horror has ensued.

According to correspondent Kirk: "Quinn, probably the most attractive of all tetris clones, got a nastygram from The Tetris Company. This program, which has been around for years, but which recently got enough publicity to draw it to the attention of the Tetris Company, is no longer being distributed. I don't know the legal basis for this nastygram - after all, there are dozens if not hundreds of tetris clones - but the developer certainly has no resources to fight the big magilla."

The official Quinn website has a note from the developers in question: "While both Simon and I (Chris Wells) feel that Quinn does not violate any trademark or copyright law international or otherwise, we have decided to cease distribution while we explore our position and where we can go from here."

Not sure if BB is trying to paint this as 'big guy vs. little guy' scandal - there's been plenty of vitriol directed in the direction of The Tetris Company before - but if it's got identical tetrominos in an identical gameplay style to Tetris, then I think The Tetris Company has a point. Not so keen on their evolving 'Tetris Guidelines', mind you, but that's a whole other kettle of blocks.