Gus at Looky Touchy has a link to a post over at The Wiire, a site devoted to the Nintendo Wii, about an upcoming title, HeROes.

Produced by Suda 51, aka Goichi Suda, of Killer 7 fame, the game sports the distinctive art style that had pundits postulating on "games as art," though it appears to sport a slightly less demented storyline and substantially more ultra-violence.


Though the links seem missing out of the Looky Touchy post, I managed to dig up a video over at The Wiire, or peep the whole directory here for more options.

The trailers look incredible, and will rumble your subs with gunfire aplenty. Try to ignore the characters when they talk, though. The dialogue is cheesy and poorly done and hopefully just filler for the trailers. With Killer 7 not exactly faring fantastically at the checkout counter, let's see if the guys at Grasshopper Manufacture and Capcom can drop something a little less...esoteric on us come Wii season.