Rake in the Grass Games has released a demo of their latest project, Styrateg. A turn-based fantasy RPG, Stryateg is certainly not breaking any phenomenally new ground, but if it's recovering old territory, at least it's doing it well enough.

styrateg.jpgWith your standard Elf/Warrior/Dwarf/Magic User loadout, Styrateg puts you in a mildly generic mythic kingdom with a standard "fight the evil" storyline. The dialogue is peppered with poor english, but the point gets across: kill the monsters. Whether or not the story develops from there is unknown: the downloadable demo limits you to a set number of turns.

These turns are governed by action points, in which you can plot a course for one of your handful of controllable characters (you get backup,) make attacks, use items, and so on. Like I said, nothing new, but it seems like it could be a good way to kill a weekend. To be honest, though, I expected more from the creators of the absolutely stellar (and pragmatically named) Jets N' Guns.