Here's a fun piece of randomness - we got a brief note to Gamasutra from an amused reader who had checked out the announcement of John Romero's new studio, named Slipgate Ironworks, which "will specialize in massively multiplayer online games".

The reader noted wryly: "I found it funny that the logo is based upon/copied from a Soviet poster "We smite the lazy workers" - here." And what do you know, it is! Is this just another covert way of revealing that, if you take a job there, you're going to be bitch-smited? Almost certainly.

Now, Romero does comment on his blog that: "Fear not, the name Slipgate Ironworks is only a temporary name for my company. We'll be renaming it sometime during the next year to something real. :)" So perhaps the final company name will be 'The Bread Starts Here'? Thank you, we'll be here all week.