The latest post by Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins points to the impressive set of Segagaga videos uploaded by user Sixfortyfive on YouTube, revealing more on the cult DC title than you might have previously known.

For those who don't know the game, the HG101 review of the title explains it pretty well: "The concept behind the game isn't too far from reality - Sega is in DEEP trouble, having lost all but 3% of the world marketplace share to the insidious Dogma Corporation. In order to save the company, the president initiates the super secret plan Segagaga, wherein they pull some random kids off the street, put them in charge of the company, and hope they put the company back on the track to success. Naturally, you're one of those kids."

Matt linked to the YouTube Segagaga vids with commentary - very handy! His comments are as follows: "- an ad for the Dogma (that’s the evil company you compete against, whose logo looks remarkably like Sony Computer Entertainment’s) system, the Pyramid; - chapter 8 part 1 (somehow, Shining Force CD is involved… I guess you create it in the game?); - chapter 8 part 2 (this one’s battle heavy and features many special moves with elements borrowed from other Sega titles, like After Burner, Space Harrier, and other stuff); - chapter 8 part 3 (make sure to check out the surprise guest star at the end); - chapter 9 (basically the same stuff from before, just in one vid); - ending and closing credits (you just gotta love that Fantasy Zone ship)." Awesome!