So, the folks over at Second Life have announced a movie trailer contest, in which the Linden Lab chaps "need your help to create the ultimate movie trailer to show off the best of Second Life".

It's explained: "For this installment of the Second Movie trailer contest we're going to do things a bit differently. We've broken down the contest into six distinct categories that highlight some of the most popular activities in Second Life: Love and Romance, Gaming, Action/Adventure, Music, Fashion and Design, RL Research and Education, Building in Second Life, Social Networking in Second Life." Where does the furry diaper club factor into that, again?

Also noted: " Your movie trailer should revolve around one of these categories and prominently feature at least two new features introduced in Second Life within the last year. These could include: Hardware Lighting, Flexible Objects, FollowCam, HUD Attachments, Ripple Water." Prizes are in Linden dollars, so huzzah!