Those scamps and wags at the AOL-owned Joystiq have just launched their latest blog, Second Life Insider, and are the latest company to jump on the ever-accelerating Linden Lab virtual world express.

Already, some fun articles have been posted, including one on why people would make themselves ugly in SL: "I've gotten so used to walking around admiring those avatars that are attractive to me that when I see one that's less so, I do tend to stop to talk with him/her."

The post concludes: "One thing that's been made perfectly clear to me while writing this post is my own bias toward beautiful people. It just seems to be easier to do nice things for pretty folks, or to offer help to someone you find nice-looking. I've always thought that one of the strengths of interacting in SL is the fact that you learn fairly quickly to look beyond an avatar's outward appearance and focus instead on their actions and speech." Well, working in the video game biz, you learn to be nice to ugly people very quickly (joke! joke! joke!)