GSW co-editor Frankc is actually at Comic-Con right now on assignment for Gamasutra, and while helping him pick some questions to ask the folks at Telltale Games, who are working on the new Sam 'N Max game, I came across some extremely neat new art.

Specifically, CGW magazine's [EDIT: August!] issue has Sam 'N Max gracing the front (doesn't look like the article is online yet), and it's revealed that it's "...Telltale's first cover story and the first big coverage of Sam & Max: Season 1, so we're all pretty stoked. The nine page article includes snippets from interviews with Dave Bogan, Dave Grossman, Brendan, and Steve, insight into the game design process, and some never-before-seen art from the first Sam & Max episode. Not to mention a hand-painted Steve Purcell original on the cover!" Holy awesome!

There are also a whole bunch of user-made Sam 'N Max comics - and, though a number of the top-rated ones are astoundingly bad (I can vouch for this - I read them!), a bit further down the list, there are some particularly apposite gems in the vernacular of the bear and the bunny. Though the less said about 'Sam & Max & the Wii', the better, right?

[UPDATE: Thanks to Emily from Telltale Games for commenting and pointing out it's the August 2006 issue of CGW, not July (it's on sale next week), and also that Dave Grossman (the co-designer of the new Sam 'N Max) wrote the user-made comic I liked - so this perhaps bodes well for the game itself, no?]