hspace= Poking around on Kevin Gifford's magazine history website Magweasel, we noticed a bunch of cover scans from PC Accelerator, and one in particular caught our eye.

Yep, the cover is for 'Quake II killers', from the first ever September 1998 issue of the mag, and the contenders are Daikatana (uh, not so much!), Duke4ever (well, maybe, but more of a Quake V contender!), and Klingon Honor Guard, which I didn't even recall actually existed. Still, it's actually a fun cover, and isn't the babe-heavy stylings of the mag's later run.

If you want to check out some of the other covers from one of the edgier titles in U.S. game mag history, you can search for 'pcxl' in the search box - the likely most ridiculous one is this cover, for '69 hot new games', with an unimpressed, semi-undressed significant other.