Well, firstly, is any feature starring an Accordion Hero controller in the artwork _NOT_ going to be featured on GSW? You knows the answer, clearly, which is why we're linking to Chris Kohler's new 1UP piece, 'Out Of Control', which discusses 'the craziest game controllers evar', oh yes.

There's a particularly fun section on the original Street Fighter's 'hydraulic buttons': "Apparently, the buttons had no theoretical upper limit on how strong your attacks could be. Once players realized this, they would pretty much resort to any means necessary to kick the ever-loving jeebus out of the pads. Dropkicks from the top of the cabinet were not out of the question. Scientists at the time estimate the average life of a Street Fighter machine to be approximately eight minutes."

Unfortunately, Kohler manages to insult two of our favorite arcade machines OF ALL TIME on the last page: "But for every game with a unique input device that makes sense, there are some that are just plain ridiculous. Take Namco's Prop Cycle -- please. Hop on a stationary bicycle and fly yourself around a river valley? No thanks. And then there's Panic Park, which, we are shocked to find, has not yet caused any deaths." In penance for hurting our feelings, he must buy us both of these machines out of his own pocket. [The reason we like Prop Cycle so much? You don't have to pedal too hard, so it fits in with our sedentary lifestyle.]