The extremely useful chiptune/game music resource has managed to spot an awesome new Swedish book which is all about chiptunes - though unfortunately in Swedish!

As Vorc owner Hally explains: "Jens Ryden self-published a 200+ pages book titled "Otaku Sweden Go Go". It focuses on Swedish chiptune scene and featured some of the best known composers from the current Swedish scene, such as Role Model, Goto80, CrazyQ, Covox, Dubmood, Zabutom, Maktone and Random. Although the book is written in Swedish language, a cd with two tracks from each artists comes together."

Hally adds an email address to order, but pics of the book (with Game Boy-related photos, etc) and ordering info is also available at - for a 100-copy limited edition piece, it sure looks professional. [Oh, and talking of retro goodness, we'd like to point out that seminal chiptune label 8BitPeoples just released a new freely downloadable LP from Alex Mauer - 'a distinctly unique release 15 years in the making'. Grab it! Oh, and a new USK release full of Japanese Game Boy rave got posted between me posting this and it going live - those guys are hoppin'!]