Over at Guilded Lilies they've spotted that the Oblivion Book Jacket Mod is complete and has been officially released, yay.

We previously commented on this unique mod, which aims to "to replace all of the 300+ in-game book jackets [in the PC version of Bethesda's RPG]... with dynamic looking covers". At 92mb for the high-res version, it's bigger than a lot of Web-downloadable games, and just for making some in-game books look nice - but glorious things often aren't small, of course.

As for what's happening next, modder Phoenix Amon proclaims: "I do want to relax and play the game a bit. I've been asked to contribute books to a few mods in progress and to make covers for those Morrowind and Daggerfall books added by mods. For the Morrowind books, I want to try creating new meshes to fit my old textures rather than doing the textures again." A bookbinder's work is never done!