The vigilant Fort90 sends along word of this extremely cool 'Circuit Bent NES' modified by Philip Stearn, also known as Pixel Form, to create abstract NES-triggered graphics when given an external audio trigger. [UPDATE: Thanks to commenter RavenWorks for pointing out that the mod doesn't create NES audio, but rather creates visuals from external audio.]

Stearn explains: "In early June I was contacted via email with a request to modify an NES game console for use with chiptunes based music performance. I accepted and have made some incredible progress over the past few days. I've already completed the manual bends and have pretty much solidified the circuitry that will be handling the audio reactivity." The result looks pretty awesome, and sounds/looks nice [.MOV link] too.

There are also some marvellous ghosts in the machine to behold: "One glitch I found bounces the screen around in response to the audio. For whatever reason, the amount of image bouncing that occurs once it's setup is controlled by the knob for the high frequency threshold." You've wired the tweeter to the crossfader, man!

The same person also does some very cool TI99/4a mods: "Over the past year I've been messing these computer up by short circuiting their video circuitry and adding mods that will do all sorts of crazy things to the graphics."