You may know UK game writer Steve Ince from his work for multiple Revolution Software titles - as noted in his bio: "His nomination for Excellence in Writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2004, followed on from the three BAFTA nominations that were received for Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon: Best Game Design, Best PC Game and Best Adventure."

While offering writing and design consulting, Ince has also started indie developer Juniper Games, and he just sent around a press release about a new demo for the improbably named Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso, which is "an arcade adventure game based upon [Ince's] online comic strip, Mr. Smoozles", and rather sweetly made in Game Maker, by the look of it.

The story? "Play as Ed and join in his struggles to avoid Mr. Smoozles, who's been turned completely nutso by the evil Goragons. Dark creatures from another dimension, who are intent on destroying reality. Will Ed defeat the Goragons, free his friends, restore Mr. Smoozles' mind and bring the world back to normal?! And the biggest challenge – will Ed save his valuable collection of Geeks Monthly?! Well, of course he will - with your help!" There's a PC demo available, too, so triple yay.