This whole PDF-able downloadable game magazine thing seems to be increasingly popular, and this time, we've spotted two new magazines doing it - MMO IT and Play.d.

Firstly, according to their press release: "Pugland is pleased to announce the first edition of the new magazine, MMO IT, has just been released. This magazine caters to massivly multiplayer online games for the PC market and is distributed freely in PDF format." The layout is somewhat basic, but it does indeed cover "smaller titles which the normal games magazines wouldn't cover", including Ballerium, Shattered Galaxy, and even something called The Universal that we'd never heard of - formerly called 'A Tractor', weirdly enough.

However, much more professional looking, if covering much more well-trodden ground, is UK console PDF magazine Play.d, which has just released its second issue in PDF form. The layout is pretty neat-looking, with definite echoes of UK magazines such as GamesTM and Edge, and there are some fun articles in there, such as a shooter round-up and retro discussions of Speedball 2 - definitely worth poking around in.