May have been around a while, but the folks at EvilAvatar have made me see the light - they pointed out the guide to Jeff Minter's X360 visualizer secrets, some of which I had no idea about.

It's explained: "Jeff Minter creator of the music visualizations available in the Xbox 360, has a guide up on his Llamasoft site that explains how to make the most of the visualization program. Did you know that each of the 4 controllers on the 360 affects the effects of the music visualizations differently?"

And yes, there is a section about the 'Psychedelia and Boingy' effects available on Controller 3, and includes the Yakkiest sentence ever: "If possible use a nice gentle piece of music to practice to, so that Boingy is mostly in a small flower-shape in the middle of the effect. I've got some Tangerine Dream playing through Neon right now as I'm making these notes, and it's just lovely."