I realize that sometimes, GameSetWatch may come across as a little, well, overwhelmingly positive about the crazy alt.gaming world in which we try to live. But, if you will, raise this post way, way above the previous positiveness, since the Mega64 Season 2 DVD is out now, and the San Diego-based former cable access game skit japesters have done it again.

There's actually a final Season 2 trailer up on YouTube which only hints at some of the fun to be had within - we saw a bunch of the sketches when we were helping pick the ones used in this year's Game Developer Choice Awards (and yes, that led to Sony Japan "asking to use the Ico skit for the upcoming Japanese re-release of Shadow of the Colossus!"), but from Burger Time ('Hell no!') to Luigi's Mansion, Donkey Konga and beyond, they're pretty much priceless.

Of course, we're waiting for our Season 2 DVD to ship, just like you should be, and it'll be interesting to see how the actual _story_ bits inbetween the public-interaction skits have improved from the first season - in this MTV interview, Dr. Poque explains the actual show premise: "It's about a video-game console called the Mega64 that makes video games come alive inside your brain, and each one of our videos is an experiment from it." But really, with a soundtrack that includes The Aquabats and Freezepop, you can't go wrong, we claim.