No, really! Firstly, the weekly Madison Isthmus profiles the local band posters turning up in X360/PC title Prey, thanks to the developers being local music-scene stalwarts.

The article explains: "Madison's music scene has received props from another video game. Prey, an alien abduction-themed first-person shooter set to be released for PCs and XBox 360 in early July, is the product of Madison-based Human Head Studios. The game features logos and concert fliers of several Madison bands in its first level, set in an Oklahoma roadhouse. This comes on the heels of last winter's release of Guitar Hero, the PS2 game that features a gig poster by Little Friends of Printmaking in its level-selection screen." See, Guitar Hero, too? Madison is so where it's at.

What's more: "Human Head staff artist Eli Quinn, who worked on the environmental textures and 3D modeling, is responsible for the nod. Quinn plays guitar and sings for Dirgus and Spitoon and plays drums for Officer Steve. Two of Human Head's owners, moreover, are members of Groovulous Glove. The Droids' note closes with thanks for Quinn and the studios: "To say that it is extremely kind of them to give a nod to the local music scene in such a high profile game is an understatement." Local color is cool!