Having caused a large amount of anguished self-reflection from anybody who has ever written about video games ever, journalist Chuck Klosterman has popped up over at GameSpot News in a detailed, interesting Q&A in which the Klost "outlines the reasons he threw down the gauntlet".

For me, Klosterman comes across most strongly as surprised that anyone actually cares, but his key point is this: "I think that people were confused by my piece. What they seemed to think that I was saying is that no one is doing good video game criticism. And that's not really the point, I wasn't making that argument. What I was saying is that there seems to be no dominant person writing about video games in a way that transcends the insular culture of gaming."

Another good point is made, actually: "If there's somebody in the gaming community that has a problem with it, I totally understand it, and that's fine. I'm just surprised that this is the first time that someone's ever written about this in a mainstream publication. That alone makes it seem worth having done it."

So certainly, the 'enrage game journalists' box can be successfully checked at this point, and some good issues were brought up. But overall, I think we've learned... well, what have we learned? Maybe that we need more forthright personalities in game journalism - people willing to battle the PR machine head on and slay the hydra of mediocrity foreve... oh, it's time for my pills? Thank you, nurse!