Last weekend was the totally awesome California Extreme, and Andy 'Waxy' Baio has written up his favorite titles from the show, concentrating on the quirky and gorgeous, of course.

Some highlights: "Panic Park. One of the funnest arcade games I've ever played. The goal of this Japanese two-player import is to shove your opponent around in a number of great minigames. The controls are like two big cushioned levers, which you throw your entire weight against to move your character around onscreen. Tilt your head sideways and watch this video to get the idea." Yay, another Panic Park mention on GSW this week!

Also: "Bumper. Released in 1936, Bally's "Bumper" was the first pinball game to use bumpers on the playfield. Funny enough, early pinball machines wouldn't get flippers for another 11 years, until Gottlieb's Humpty Dumpty in 1947. Until then, gameplay was limited to shooting the balls and watching them fall. If you want to see it for yourself, Bumper can be found at the Lucky Ju Ju pinball gallery in Alameda."

[Incidentally, on a quick office poll of people that weren't sick at the time (rats!), so actually attended, FrankC's game of the show at California Extreme was a completely restored, pristine Funhouse pinball machine. YUM! BSheffield's game of the show was 'play the arcade cabinet before they take it away', because he turned up late and they were wheeling cabs away before the official exhibit end date. Apparently, he lost!]