Ever-educative game blog SiliconEra has posted a fun interview with the 'Mario In MySpace' parody guys, including a new video that has Mario and Luigi complaining about MySpace-related friend mishaps, following the popular original video along the same lines.

As the blog explains: "The duo took their talents online when they made their Myspace sketch using clips from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. In the story Luigi complains about having to add Toad’s band to his friend list, even though he isn’t friends with him. In the dubbed over cartoon Asterios voices Mario and Toad while Geoffrey does Luigi’s voice. The YouTube video was a surprise hit for the team with nearly 40,000 people who watched it."

We actually think it's quite funny, despite all indications that it might be tragic, and the interview ends: "With a point to get across and some great source material Overtime Comedy struck gold. Best of all both of them are having fun in the process. “I really enjoy making these cartoons,” Geoffrey exclaims. “If you told me that I was going to be spending my time syncing mouths to a vocal track, I would tell you that I’d rather kill myself. For some reason, however, it’s a lot of fun.”" Hurray?