On our regular daily Google News trawl, we came across a tragic Bucharest Daily News article discussing "a Romanian computer game that roused controversy due to its racist theme that encourages the players to carry out a war against ethnic Hungarians."

Apparently, Romanians In Space's slogan is, wait for it: "Follow your destiny. Kill any non-Romanian alien prick in cold blood." What's more: "The epic story of the game starts in 1988, when Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu conquers the United States and becomes the emperor of Earth ten years later. Romanians dominate the planet for 100 years, but the new emperor, Traian Basescu (the current president) promises to conquer the entire galaxy. However, his plans are hindered by what the game calls "alien pricks."" Uh... lovely.

However, the game's creator claims this was all satire: "Out of ten missions, only one is against the ethnic Hungarians. Everything was a joke and it was meant to be a joke that mocks all the problems between Romanians and ethnic Hungarians." We just spotted that Eurogamer has more on the controversy, which all sounds... controversial.