Meester Tom Chick has handily pointed out that Yahoo! Video Games, which has a fair amount of exclusive content as well as GameSpot-licensed reviews nowadays, has posted their picks for the best games released in 2006 so far.

Most interestingly, EIC Rich Greenhill picks a couple of unexpected titles: "THQ's The Outfit is a WWII action game unlike any other WWII action game; don't hold the mundane theme against it. If straightforward deathmatch bores you to tears, this is the Xbox 360 tactical shooter you need to check out... Meanwhile, eking out the spot for my best pick so far is the awkwardly named Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends -- it takes all the innovative mechanics of its predecessors, refines them, and then adds fascinating fantastical races and beautiful art design."

Then, Mr. Tom Chick himself notes: "Oblivion, Titan Quest, Rise of Legends, Chibi-Robo, Syphon Filter, Monster Hunter: Freedom, and even Drill Dozer and the latest Yu-Gi-Oh card game on the GBA are all top-notch titles", before picking out Electronic Arts Los Angeles' Battle for Middle Earth II as his top title: "marry[ing] almost perfectly technology, gameplay, innovation, pacing, and sheer knock-you-back-in-your-seat awesomeness."