Cool news via newish blog A Bunch Of Nerds, discussing intriguing indie 'sim life'-style game Kudos, for which the official website has lots more info on the PC-specific 'game of social relationships and choices'.

As is explained: "Kudos is a turn-based life-simulator title for the PC (at the moment) created by ex-Lionhead Games AI programmer Cliff Harris, who also was behind the much acclaimed political-sim title Democracy. In the game, players create their sim (almost a mini-game in itself!), decide where they work, who their friends should be, what they do to relax in their spare (game)time and many other activities."

The game "...explores gameplay that other mainstream games ignore, allowing the player the freedom to do everything from watch television, to raising pets, to being an alcoholic starting drunken brawls with sims they don’t quite care for. Kudos to Cliffski for again releasing a solid and entertaining title and proving yet again that indie games market is emerging as both a viable and high quality alternative to mainstream gaming." It's also a genre that very few indie games explore, which is why my interest is personally piqued.