As you may have spotted, other sites (yes, including our sibling Gamasutra) are reporting on a truckload of new GameTap content announced today, "including multiplayer gameplay, instant messaging, and multiple streaming animation series on GameTap TV, including exclusive titles."

It's noted: "Among those games given new multiplayer features include classics such as Burger Time, Galaga, Zaxxon, and Pac-Man. Initial head-to-head games include such games as King of the Monsters, 1941: Counter Attack and Bust-A-Move."

Also, alongside a tonne of existing Cartoon Network animation for streaming, the new show Computer Lab, "produced by GameTap and Soup2Nuts, the creators of Adult Swim’s "Home Movies", and chronicles the lives of the denizens of an all night computer lab at the University of State College." We want a GameTap/Sony deal for PS3, we've decided - not having this stuff easily available in front of our TVs is killing us.

Oh, also Turner-related and announced today: "Cartoon Network has announced that it is developing its first massively multi-player online game (MMOG) in a partnership with a Seoul, South Korea-based Grigon Entertainment (Seal Online). According to the company, The Cartoon Network MMOG will launch in North America in Spring 2008 and specifically target the kids' interactive gaming market, presumably in a similar way to titles such as Disney's ToonTown Online." Good luck to 'em - certainly an interesting move.