hspace= Got a note from the ever-geeked Christian Nutt over at Future's GamesRadar, and we, indeed haven't linked them in a while, so here's what he said:

"Thought you might want to check out this feature we've done at GamesRadar, our first big elaborate one really. It's called "Top ten years in videogame history" and covers the entire history of games... selecting the best ten years of games from the gamer's perspective. We took in PC, console, arcade and handheld releases and judged each year, narrowing it down to ten, and then writing up our reasoning behind it."

I would cite some suitable witticisms from it, but the hotel Internet connection out there in China is actually on the terrible side, so you'll just have to make do with the above link for the meantime - and thanks to ChaseM for helping me out by posting in my semi-absence.