So, we were reading a new weblog post by Rob 'Xemu' Fermier at Ensemble Studios, where he discusses the phenomenon of 'Underwear Man', and it got us to thinking.

Wha - 'Underwear Man'? Rob explains: "For many months now, whenever someone would take a screenshot from within the editor, one of our units would appear prominently in the final image. This alone might have been amusing, but as it turns out, the unit would always appear stripped of any techs the player had researched. Due to how we represent the player's military units, that means he wouldn't have even his baseline civ-specific armor so he would appear, well, mostly naked. Fortunately his modesty would be preserved by a pair of underwear that was painted into the base mesh."

Terrible! "Thus was the legend of "Underwear Man" born, making his ubiquitous presence in every screenshot we would make for internal distribution. He was, as you might imagine, the subject of much amusement. But all good things must come to an end, and today I finally fixed the bug, banishing Underwear Man forever."

So, our GameSetQ for today is:

"What video game bugs have you seen that have made in-game characters appear in incredibly undignified ways? Name the game and the tragic disfigurement - stretched limbs, missing clothes, messed-up colors, and missing body parts will get bonus points!

Please comment below - our useless contribution is that we've definitely played a game where your character can front clip into the viewing plane, allowing you to see through their face and into the inside of their head, where their eyeballs are separately modeled and look really weird, but we can't remember which game it was - one of the Resident Evil-s? [And yes, the screenshot is from SimCopter, obscure reference ahoy.]