Physics blog Fun-Motion has an important update about a neat physics toy, explaining: "Souptoys Toybox, the physics-based desktop toy software, has been released for free."

Matt Wegner continues: "It’s unclear if this is a permanent change, though, as the announcement is “While we continue to develop it, we have decided to make the Toybox free for everyone to play with and enjoy.” My guess would be the core package will stay free and addon toys will be available for purchase."

F-M has previously reviewed the package, explaining: "Basically, Toybox is a collection of 60 different physics contraptions: Levers, balls, balloons, catapult, and so on. The application is a desktop toy in the sense that it doesn’t go full screen or have its own primary window. Instead, the toys have their own transparency and fit into the normal Windows drawing order." Neato.