Wandering along to check out the latest import releases detailed at NCSX, with their customarily delightful descriptions, and we see a couple of neat games to focus on - a 3D fighter re-release and a summery folly for PSP.

The former is the Sega Ages Last Bronx re-release for PS2, and it's noted: "Whereas AM2's Virtua Fighter series featured safe and sanitary fighters such as Pai and Jacky, the cast of Last Bronx was made up of grungy, street-wise, and hardened gang leaders who battle with weapons such as nunchaku, wooden swords, and massive hammers." Also: "The conversion is pretty much perfect and 1:1 with the coin-op original. The fighters move fast and attacks and combos flow in fluid motion" - yay, Sega Ages is getting much better.

The latter is Sony's My Summer Holiday for PSP, for which it's rhapsodized: "My Summer Holiday takes gamers back. All the way back to an alternate reality in 1975 when life was carefree and fun. This particular childhood memory features a summer vacation with an aunt and uncle in a country town full of greenery, blue skies, rivers brimming with fresh water, and most importantly, insects. Little boys love to catch and catalog bugs." It's a PS2 to PSP conversion, despite sounding very DS-like, mind you.

There are plenty more intriguing releases from this week (games, mags, accessories) listed in the latest news section at NCSX, too (and no, we don't have any deal with them here at GSW, which just like their sunny disposition!)