Gus Mastrapa over at Looky Touchy has written up brief impressions of the Earache Extreme Metal Racing demo for PC - and you guys know we're all obsessed with this game, obviously.

Mastrapa explains: "The game I imagined in my head was wicked. Spiked tire treads tore through the writhing entrails of doomed souls. Satan loomed over us in the blood-red sky, taking the the form of a spectral goat. The dark one rained pestilance on my fellow racers as we fired guided missiles fueled by pure hatred while the deepest recesses of hades echoed with the fury of Deicide. That and I imagined that the game would be fun."

Unfortunately... not so much: "I'm sure teenager Sky Nash, who cooked up the game concept, had something similar in mind. It's a shame the product of her goth-addled imagination wound up being so dang sluggish and sloppy. Vehicles handle like Sisyphus' stone and their attacks trigger so slowly that they seem only coincidentally related to your button presses." Aw... maybe if we all sell our souls, everything will magically play better?