Of course, you can't expect that UK Resistance will provide you with anything remotely newsworthy (haw!) - but in a funny way, they have, in their wide-eyed look at new UK girl gaming duo VersuS, who sent UKR gallery links and discombobulated them a great deal: "This kind of reverse anticipatory stalking is confusing and has put us on the defensive. Still, we'll power through, as it's pictures of girls."

But here's the fun bit that's mentioned in passing - the newly monikered 'Siren' is formerly known as Voodoo, and has just left the Ubisoft-created Frag Dolls UK 'clan', where her newly posted farewell comments contentedly murmur: "I've had some really great times as a Frag Doll. Something I'll always be grateful for though is that it's allowed me to meet some truly amazing people."

However, the About Page for VersuS seems to indicate some decidedly strong opinions on, say, sponsored girl gamers, with the caption 'Freedom instead of Adverti$ing', and the following comments: "We’re not here to endorse any product or sell you anything. If we say it, it’s because we mean it, not because it pays our wage. We’ve both seen the perils and pit falls of “selling out” and have learnt one vital lesson; if you love something then honesty, independence and freedom are the best path to take."

There's more: "On a similar note, we may both be girls who game but we are not here to wave the “girl gamer” flag... In our experience “promoting girl gamers” can often be used as the cover story of big business trying to widen its market whilst still getting some pretty faces in the Magazines, in other words: Free advertising."

[On the other hand, VersuS themselves do have a distinctly 'girl gamer'-esque gallery ("because we are proud of ourselves, what we do, and what we stand for"), but it's free self-advertising, not free corporate advertising, I guess? They try to explain it, a tad awkwardly, in any case.]

Sooo.... interesting! Those with long memories may recall that I had a bit of a dust-up with the U.S. Frag Dolls around the time that they launched, for what I felt at the time was 'hidden agenda' Ubisoft product promotion, something that I will say that they've addressed by making it _somewhat_ more obvious that they're paid Ubisoft promoters - which is good. But it seems like at least one Frag Doll has been disillusioned by her Monkees-style manufactured past. Wonder if she'll say anything more about it? We await developments ghoulishly.