Over at, they've noted that a PC demo of Every Extend Extra has been released, noting: "Even though Sony was distributing a PSP demo of Q Entertainment's latest at E3, you'll have to make due... for the time being."

Also, some handy extra info from 1UP commenter Aggies11: "The official page mentions the demo/trial, but does not host it. It's hosted on other sites. The official has a links section to those sites to download the demo. After perusing many of those unintelligible pages, I was able to dig out this link. That should allow you to download the trial. Good luck with that, and see if you can decipher/figure it out."

For those interested in learning more about the game, originally a Japanese dojin title, Ancil's Anthropy's recent 'Free Play' column talks about the history of creator Omega, who has hooked up with Q's Tetsuya Mizuguchi to make the PSP version - yum, much Japanese indie goodness.