Over at Firing Squad, they have a pretty comprehensive interview about MMO Eve Online, chatting with CCP senior producer Nathan Richardsson "...about their plans for EVE Online, including an upcoming DirectX10 version of the game."

Richardsson discusses plans for the new Kali expansion, some of which sound pretty lofty: "The flagship however is Factional Warfare, where we’re opening up the large NPC factions and empires for players to fight their wars for them in PvP. Up till now, the future of the NPC controlled universe and surrounding areas have been up to us to decide, but with this we hope to give more power to the players, releasing more control of the universe to the players."

In addition, the Vista-specific version of the game is discussed: "We call it EVE Vista since it’s mainly for that operating system at the moment. The content and gameplay will be exactly the same as with the current client, playing on the same servers in the same EVE universe. The only difference is that it will be utilizing the new features and optimizations of DirectX10 and then leveraging the programmable shader pipeline." Shinier spaceships are all anybody ever wants from life, anyhow.