Slightly retro blog The Dreamcast Junkyard has an extremely fun article up regarding going online in the UK with the Sega Dreamcast, even in this day and age.

Blogger Gagaman(n) explains: "Firstly, from browsing Sega-Europe's website hey still have a Q&A section for the Dreamcast (go see for yourselves), and one of them was about obtaining the last edition of the DC internet disc, Dream Kit Ver.3. It appears they still have piles of them, so they're giving them away to anyone that requests one for free. I requested one for the fun of it recently, and in two days it popped through the mail."

Having also grabbed a VGA adaptor (although not the somewhat insanely rare broadband adaptor, unfortunately!), next up: "I didn't want to pay the per-minute stuff to try it out, so I hunted down a free ISP for it and luckily enough there was one. Right here... Using this I slapped the Dreamkey disc in, put in the details I printed out from that site, and there we have it! My DC was online again, if only temporarily. The ISP worked, although I cant tell if it was truly free yet until the next phone bill arrives." There's even a video on the site showing his DC happily motoring along using its inbuilt modem, aww - not exceptional, but entertaining!