We previously covered the announcement of the 'Dragon Shmup' competition over at, and now TIGSource points out that the competition is closed and entries are available to the public, yay.

TIGSource writer Dessgeega notes: "all of the finished entries can be downloaded on the competition forum. (you may need to be logged into the site.) my favorite is smark’s lair, which plays the way a game starring a dragon should play: like rampage." Oo, Rampage!

Also very notable - The2Bears, who entered the competition himself with the neatly abstract Dragon Forever, has reviews of a whole bunch of the entries on his site, and they're rather impressive looking.

[Another highlight - Fleur De Luce, which it's suggested is "probably the best of the bunch" - "Gameplay uses a two-colour scheme somewhat like Ikaruga does, but with some major differences. You control the “colour” of your shot, and depending on the shot colour of the enemy you can hit their bullets and create flower tokens to capture."]