The New Gamer's journal has pointed out a rather fun art project, the GAMEOVER video series from Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond, involving, yes, people with colored sweatshirts moving around theater seating, each acting as a pixel in a retro game.

TNG's G.Turner: "In this case, it's Pong and Space Invaders recreated frame-by-frame in a large auditorium, using people as pixels. The Pong video is OK, but the Space Invaders video is a must-see."

The MetaFilter comments on this artiness are also fun, with commenter YHBC criticizing the Space Invaders strategy: "Lame. Everyone knows that the first thing you do in SI is blast away the bunkers yourself, so as to get direct shots at the approaching invaders. And if that strategy were to mean mass carnage and wholesale human destruction from flinging people up a couple rows, again and again, atop their stunned and helpless compatriots; well, so much the better."