Over at Kieron Gillen's blog, he's quite rightly pointed out a highlight from the new Consolevania game-related video show, named 'Independents Day', and showcasing a whole caboodle of Scottish wit.

Gillen rhapsodizes: "25 minutes into it, nu-skool journalist Kevin Leddins, yet again, says it best: “Indie games are love. Pure love. But what is love? The great Philosophers did not know. Neither did Haddaway.” I’m moved." And with coverage of a crapload of great indie titles, from the Pickford Bros' awesome-looking Naked War through IGF faves like Narbacular Drop, there's plenty to love.

For those not aware of Consolevania, the Wikipedia entry handily explains: "Consolevania is a video games TV show created by First Person Shooters Productions and filmed in and around Glasgow, Scotland. It is notable as one of very few online TV shows to make the leap onto broadcast TV, as the show videoGaiden." More to the point, this episode has absolutely _the_ best Jaz Rignall-related Turin Shroud joke ever. No, really.