Over at Insert Credit, the often-obscure Recap has unearthed a piece of neatness - news on a Compile semi-resurrection as part of a division of Japanese developer Idea Factory.

The Wikipedia entry for Compile explains: "COMPILE was a Japanese video game company founded in 1983. Founded by Masamitsu Niitani (otherwise simply known as 'Moo'), they were responsible for developing some of the most colourful and popular action and puzzle games ever made, including their signature franchise, Puyo Puyo."

Well, as Recap notes: "It's quite interesting that Idea Factory recently formed up a brand-new group (yeah, yet another one) with the name 'Compile Heart', whose first work was the Japanese localization of the Korean RPG Astonishia Story, in its PSP incarnation. More surprisingly, the company's logo bears a clear resemblance to that of the old Compile."

He continues: "Yesterday we learned that it's indeed related to the legendary Puyo Puyo maker (which, you can say, currently carries the name 'Aiky'), and is developing an arcade game (no less) called 'Takoron' which will be based on the Puyo Puyo formula and it's being supervised by Puyo Puyo's creator Moo Niitani." So Compile isn't formally back, as such, since Sega still owns the Puyo Puyo rights, but it's sorta kinda back in spirit, woo.