[Our Blazing Destiny is a weekly comic by Jonathan "Persona" Kim about our society, cultural postdialectic theory, and video games. And about the indigenous people of Japan fighting in fictious historic battles against highly fictionalized historic icons.]

"I've been playing Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuden and my thoughts remained on the dramas of the cute mascot sisters of the Samurai Showdown series: Nakoruru and Rimururu.

You know, considering that Samurai Showdown takes place sometime during the 18th century, I guess it's kind of odd for them all to be sitting around a kotatsu in the middle of summer. And for Rera to want five American dollars. ANACHRONISTIC SLIP!!"


[Jonathan "Persona" Kim is sometimes a character animation student at the California Institute of the Arts, other times a ninja illustrator, but in his heart, a true comic artist looking for his destiny in the sea of stars. His path on the torrid road of comics include a quarterly manga on The Gamer's Quarter and his website on the awesome collective, Mechafetus.com. Visit and take a look at the new Oekaki board!]