Our favourite Xbox 360-related info, listing, and points-whoring site Achieve360Points also does interviews from time to time, and has added a neat conversation with NinjaBee's Brent Fox and John Nielson, the folks behind both Outpost Kaloki X for Xbox 360 Live Arcade and the forthcoming Cloning Clyde for the same platform.

The duo note the amount of work put into multiplayer (as well as traditional singleplayer!) for the forthcoming "zany side-scrolling platformer" in which you "Play as a variety of mutant Clydes, each with unique abilities, including Chicken-Clyde, Frog-Clyde, Sheep-Clyde, and more", explaining: "We spent months figuring out how multiplayer would work, and implementing it all is definitely why the game has taken as long as it has to come out. The two modes are competitive, and co-op... As an added bonus, your cooperative gameplay doesn’t go uncounted, it is added to the stats you achieve in single-player mode."

In addition, they're bullish on XBLA's future (as we are!), commenting: "We have BIG plans for Xbox Live Arcade. This is such a great platform! There are no official announcements yet but I can say that we aren't working on anything similar to Outpost Kaloki X or Cloning Clyde. Every game we release will only be better than the previous."