So, as you might have heard, Blizzard's World Of Warcraft is the biggest MMO in China right now. You may have even heard that WoW-related imagery has appeared on Coke cans and bottles in China, alongside some great TV ads promoting the team-up.

But even so, it was surprising to go to the ChinaJoy game show today in Shanghai and see basically an entire hall dedicated to a tie-in between the soft drinks giant and Blizzard/The9.

So we took a few choice pictures, as follows (and apologies for lack of specificity on captions, I'm a little vague on WoW races and don't want to get flamed into oblivion for getting any wrong!):

This is the entrance to the area, complete with Coke logos decked out in WoW-style stone.

Kick the soccer ball into the mouth to win FABULOUS PRIZES!

Somebody's beard isn't on straight!

This guy's eyes flashed red menacingly from time to time.

Some more rather fetching pro WoW cosplayers.

Dude, it's totally WoW/Coke themed Whac-a-mole! (Though just a cosmetic change to an unrelated arcade machine, aw!)

You could take someone's eye out with that!