Continuing the updates from the ChinaJoy game expo in Shanghai, when we had a chance to look around the show yesterday, we spotted a number of Western MMOs which had been licensed to the territory, and so appeared in some form.

Obviously, we've already covered World Of Warcraft, but here are a couple of other neat ones:

Flagship's Hellgate London is a little way off, but they had a REAL LIVE HELLGATE there at The9's booth anyhow. Woo!

CCP's Eve Online is just in the process of launching in China, so had an area just for Sino-space sim sampling.

[BTW, if you think it looks a bit quiet in those pictures - don't worry, it was just after opening on the first day for ChinaJoy, for the period of time when the show was just open to trade visitors. After they opened the doors to the hordes of public, it got a whole lot more crazy!]