Over at the VORC chiptune resource, they have some excellent new info about a fun compilation from a Japanese hentai game musician.

It's explained: "Takahiro Yonemura aka Chemool is a Japanese hentai game music composer who is known with Comic Party, Steam Hearts, Advanced Variable Geo etc. He'll release a new PC-8801 music disk for the first time in a decade at upcoming Comic Market 70: Japan's biggest exhibition and sale for hobby productions."

What's more: "The disk includes various FM synth tracks made with PMD + the Sound Board II since 1998, and maybe some guest's works. Available as 5"25 floppy disks as well as CD-Rs featuring bonus recordings from the PC-8801. Overseas distribution is not planned." Any release in this day and age which comes with 5 and a quarter inch floppy disks is good with us!