The cunning like a fox Kyle Orland has posted a fun piece over at VGMWatch on how the video game press handled the recent news that President Bush had been given a DS and a copy of Brain Training by Nintendo for his 60th birthday.

Orland notes: "This story is more than a PR case study — it’s also a rare window into the political inclinations of some members of the video game press... While Nintendo was careful not to state anything explicitly in its letter, the implication of giving a brain training game to a president widely stereotyped as a dim bulb is not lost on anyone. Which outlets took the bait and made the obvious joke, and which ones played it straight?"

Results were predictable: "Leading off the snarkfest, unsurprisingly, is Spong which had by far the most ruthless attacks on the prez. Not only does the British site lead off by calling Bush a “warmongering lunatic and global terrorist overlord,” but it goes on to suggest that Bush’s aging should make people happy as they “wait for the inevitable.” Ouch!"

[Oh, and we ran into this gem of a headline from today's Spong, which shows the 'genius' that is the tabloidiest game site on the Internet, whatever GamesRadar is trying for - and for those too scared to click through, it reads: 'Bono Looks Sanctimonious Cock as Game Investment Row Flares'.]