GameSetWatch is no stranger to "3DO kid's" blog, an entirely readable retro blog that seeks to chronicle the misadventures of the nigh-forgotten console. hspace=

The latest entry, about the space shooter Starblade, is bursting with praise for one of the fallen console's greatest hits:

"For ten minutes this deep space epic over shadowed the freedom of Elite and the story line of Wing Commander. For a moment the awesome spectacle that is Starblade dwarfed its nearest rivals absolutely. With its scale, its sense of reality, its wonderment, its incredible power and its tribute to the technology of its time. For a moment Starblade showed you exactly what you wanted. What you hoped. What you dreamt games like Privateer would be like but never were."

Whether or not you owned a 3DO, this is one of the most engaging reads on the game-blog scene today.