For those (especially Europeans and South Americans, most likely) who remember the late, legendary Brazilian Grand Prix driver Ayrton Senna, we just got a press release indicating that "Meantime Mobile Creations, a company of mobile entertainment, and the Ayrton Senna Institute have closed a partnership to create exclusive contents for mobile phones".

But it's not just Ayrton Senna's likeness that Meantime gets - oh no, it's Senninha, too, the cutesy cartoon version of Ayrton Senna, who appears in licensed kids' products, and of the cellphone games: "The two first games are to be launched this month: _Ayrton Senna -_ _Pole Position_, which simulates a battle for the front grid, and _Senninha Racing_, that takes the character’s gang for a kart racing." The Ayrton Senna Institute webpage has more on the charitable foundation behind Senna's legacy.

Also, a quick look over at Meantime Games' official website reveals that the Brazilian company is big on licensing hometown heroes, since they also publish Ronaldinho Total Control, themed around the Brazilian soccer player: "You’ll need to prove that you are indeed the World's best football player! Try Ronaldinho’s shoes, be quick and stay put in order to get the timing to keep the ball bouncing." Keep it up!